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About The British Lunar Series Gold Coin

British Gold Lunar Coins are the latest gold bullion additions to the British Gold Coin collection. This wonderful Gold Lunar Coin series, also known as the Shengxiào collection, was released in 2014 with the “Year of Horse” Gold Coin and celebrates the 12 lunar Zodiac symbols of the Chinese culture. The British Chinese community is considered to be the oldest Chinese community in Western Europe, formed during early 19th century. Thus, the Royal Mint’s Gold Lunar Coins were issued to commemorate the UK’s multicultural society and special relationship with the Chinese nation and culture. British Gold Lunar Coins are made of .9999 pure gold and are the perfect gift option for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. All the gold coins within the Royal Mint Lunar Series, including the following “Year of Sheep” and “Year of Monkey” were designed by the British-Chinese designer Wuon-Gean Ho. British Lunar Series Gold Coins are produced in very low quantities, making them highly desired by collectors and investors all over the world. The coin’s weight and purity is guaranteed by the British Government.

Main Sizes Of The British Lunar Series Gold Coins

British Gold Lunar Series coins are struck of .9999 pure gold in two size options: the famous 1 troy ounce and the 1/10 oz. weight. Several coin editions are also produced in ¼ oz. and 5 oz. size versions. The coins carry the following face values: £100 for the 1 oz. coin, £10 for the 1/10 oz. coin, £25 for the ¼ oz. coin and £500 for the largest 5 oz. coin. Each of these editions can be purchased individually, sold in a special mint packaging with a protective seal. Some Gold Lunar Coins can be bought also in tubes that contain 10 coins or boxes of 100 coins.

The Designs Of The British Lunar Gold Coins

On the obverse side of the Royal Mint Gold Lunar Coins is depicted the famous profile image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On the front side of the 2014 “Year of Horse” and 2015 “Year of Sheep” Gold Lunar coins is depicted the “Fourth Portrait” of the Queen while the latest “Year of Monkey” Gold Coin was struck with the “Fifth portrait” of Her Majesty, courtesy of Jody Clark. On the reverse side of the coin is depicted one of the animals of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The stunning design for the reverse side of the coin was created by the remarkable British artist of Chinese descent, Wuon-Gean Ho. She is an experienced artist who used her proficiency in History of Arts and her knowledge of veterinary surgeon to showcase each of the iconic animals in a unique and very realistic way. The 2014 “Year of Horse” Gold Lunar coin features the depiction of a dynamic galloping horse and the 2015 “Year of Sheep” an incredibly detailed picture of two sheep on a forest background. The latest 2016 “Year of Monkey” Gold Lunar coins are depicted two rhesus monkeys swinging through trees. The design was inspired by the artist’s playful nephew and niece, symbolizing creativity, curiosity, and cleverness. On the reverse side of the Gold Lunar Coins are also depicted the Chinese character, the mintage year, weight and purity marks of the coin. The next coin editions expected to be released in the British Gold Lunar Series are the “Year of Pig”, the “Year of Rat”, the “Year of Ox”, the “Year of Tiger”, the “Year of Rabbit”, the “Year of Dragon” and the “Year of Snake“ coins.

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