History Of American Silver Eagles

One of the best-selling silver bullion coins produced by the US Mint, the American Silver Eagle, is also the one and only US silver coin on the industry market with weight, purity, and content guaranteed by the US Government. The production of the American Silver Eagles was authorized by Congress in the Liberty Coin Act of 1985. The first Silver Eagle coin was released in 1986 and was available in only one weight option, 1 troy ounce, made from .999 fine silver and carrying a denomination of $1 USD. This coin is struck at the West Point facility of the US Mint with silver obtained within the United States. At first, the Silver Eagle coin was available just in bullion and proof versions. The Burnished Silver Eagles were introduced to the series in 2006 and issued until 2008, but resumed later, in 2011. The American Silver Eagle is the only program that features a burnished edition with a limited issue, making it highly collectible.

Design Of Burnished Silver Eagle

The burnished version carries the same design as the other versions, the “Walking Liberty” image created by Adolph A. Weinman – a full-length profile of Lady Liberty in stride with her right hand outstretched and holding laurel and oak branches in her left hand. Her body is enveloped by the US flag with the sun rising in the background. This design was originally used in 1916 and 1947 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar and is surrounded by the engravings “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, and the coin’s year of mintage.

The reverse depicts the heraldic eagle – the American symbol of pride, freedom, and patriotism. It’s showcased with its wings outstretched, behind a shield holding arrows with its left talon and olive branches in its right. This image was designed by the remarkable John Mercanti, the chief engraver, and sculptor of the US Mint in 1986. The eagle is also encircled by the depiction of 13 stars, representing the original thirteen U.S. colonies, and the engravings “United States of America”, “W” mintmark, and the coin’s weight, purity, and face value.

About Burnished Silver Eagles

The Burnished American Silver Eagle comes with an exclusive finish and a stunning appearance. During the mintage process, the mint doesn’t use burnished dies, but specially burnished blanks (called planchets). The Burnished Silver Eagle is struck on the previously polished blank which creates an exceptional frosted look and enhances the beauty of this magnificent coin. This matte-like, smooth finish makes them highly appreciated among investors and collectors all over the world and unique bullion additions to your coin portfolio. Unlike the bullion edition, the Burnished Silver Eagles carry the “W” mintmark, just like the proof version. Compared to proof and bullion coins, the limits for the Burnished Silver Eagle mintages are very low, making the burnished coin highly collectible. All of this along with the unique matte-like finish makes these fantastic coins exclusive collectibles and treasured addition to any coin portfolios.

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