About American Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagle has been the official US silver bullion coin since its first mintage in 1986. Aside from the silver bullion version, the US Mint also manufactures Proof Silver Eagles and Burnished Silver Eagles. Proof eagles are struck twice, making them shiny and more finely detailed, while burnished eagles are minted on specially polished blanks to give them a unique matte-like finish. All three coins consist of .999 pure silver and carry a one-dollar face value, but their trading values are significantly higher. Due to the coins’ incredible popularity and high demand, these collectibles are highly desired by collectors and investors all over the world, and include special certified labels from the prestigious NGC and PCGS.

About Certified Silver Eagles

These Silver Eagles, along with their gold versions, are certified by PCGS (the Professional Coin Grading Service) or NGC (the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) with the corresponding Mint State (MS) or Proof (PF) grades. These companies started their activity in the middle of the 1980’s when the demand for coin standardization began increasing. PCGS was established in 1986, and NGC in 1987, and both adopted a detailed set of rules to authenticate and evaluate the coins. Since then, both companies have graded millions of coins, and have become the two most trustworthy companies in the coin grading and certification industry. While the grading indicator shows the coin’s rarity, interest, and liquidity factors, the certification assures the collectors and investors of its quality and authenticity. The coins’ grades range between 1-70 and are established according to the five key factors: preservation, strike, surface, luster, and eye appeal. Coins with the 70 Grade are recognized as being in a perfect condition with 100% of the design preserving its full luster. PCGS and NGC also offer these coins in special anniversary labels, which make them even more collectible.

Design Of Proof Silver Eagles

Uncirculated, proof and burnished Silver Eagles carry the same design. The coins’ obverse was designed by Adolph A. Weinman and represents a full-length profile of the Lady Liberty in stride, also called the “Walking Liberty”. The Lady Liberty holds laurel and oak branches in her left hand with her right hand outstretched. Her figure is enveloped in the folds of the US flag. This particular design was first used on the 1916 – 1947 silver half dollar coins. Also, featured on the obverse side of each coin are the engravings “In God We Trust” and “Liberty” along with the coin’s year of mintage. The coins’ reverse represents the heraldic eagle – the US national symbol of freedom, pride, and patriotism. The eagle is depicted with its high lifted wings, perched behind a shield with arrows in its left talon and olive branches in its right. The image of this American symbol was designed by the outstanding sculptor and chief engraver of the US Mint – John Mercanti. Also, 13 stars, indicative of the original 13 U.S. colonies, surround the depiction of the bald eagle, along with the engravings “United States of America”, the coin’s weight, purity, and denomination, and mintmark (only on proof and burnished editions).

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