About The Mexican Gold Peso Coin

Mexican Gold Pesos are considered the most iconic pieces of Mexican coinage history. The Gold Peso Coins currently available for purchase on the gold market were produced by the Mexican Mint in several denominations of 50, 20, 10, 5, 2.5, and 2 pesos, struck from .900 pure gold with 10% copper additions to increase their hardness. Each gold peso carries a different obverse design, according to the coin’s denomination. There first Gold 50 Peso was issued in 1921 in celebration of Mexico’s 100th year of Independence. Mexican Gold coins are a popular acquisition for both collectors and investors due to their high historical value, making them a great option for diversifying your investment or collectible portfolio.

Main Sizes Of The Mexican Gold Peso Coins

Mexican pesos were manufactured in different denominations, thus they were produced of several different sizes: all the issues, including 1945 Dos Pesos Gold Coin (2 Pesos) contains 0.482 ounces of pure gold, the 2.5 Pesos Gold coin contains .0603 ounces of Gold, the 5 Pesos Gold Coin contains 0.1205 ounces of Gold, the 10 Pesos Gold Coin contains 0.2411 ounces of Gold, the Mexican 20 Pesos Gold Coin was made of .0423 ounces of gold and the 50 Pesos Gold Coin was made of 1.2057 ounces of gold.

The Designs Of The Mexican Gold Peso Coins

The designs of  Mexican Gold Libertad coins varies according to their denominations, however, each coin features the Mexican Coat of Arms on the reverse side, surrounded by the words “Estados Unidos Mexicanos”. The Mexican Coat of Arms is depicted in homage of the beliefs of Mesoamericans – the gold eagle holding a snake in its beak while perched on a cactus is considered to be a symbol of the triumph and righteous against their enemies. The 2 Pesos gold coin feature the inscription  “Dos Pesos” surrounded by the date of issue, a wreath and the letter “M” on its obverse side. The 2.5, 5 and 10 gold Pesos feature the portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of the Independence of Mexico, the words “Dos y medio Pesos”, “Cinco Pesos” and, respectively, “Diez” and the year of mintage. Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was originally a pastor that died as a martyr. He leads an army of civilians who fought during the Mexican War of Independence. The 20 Gold Pesos carries another impressive obverse design: a depiction of the Sun Stone, also known as the Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl Aztec Calendar, surrounded by the engraving “Vente Pesos” along with weight and purity marks. The 50 Gold peso was designed by Emilio Del Moral and is commonly known as the Centenario gold coin because these coins were first issued in 1921 to commemorate 100 years of freedom from the Spain. On the obverse side of the coin is represented the image of the winged Victory – the Angel of Independence, who is holding broken chains in her left hand and a laurel wreath in the right hand. The two very famous Mexican volcanoes, Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatepetl, are depicted in the background, along with the mintage year, the “1821” inscription (Independence Year), the coin’s denomination, weight and purity engravings.

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