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About Istanbul Gold Refinery

The Istanbul Gold Exchange together with the Turkish Government Treasury founded the Istanbul Gold Refinery back in 1996. After the company was acquired by the Halac Jewelry in 2002, IGR became a notorious pioneer of the precious metal bullion market in Turkey. Halac Jewelry Ltd. refinery was established in Afyon, Anatolia, in 1967 and after the acquisition continued to produce bullion under the IGR mintmark.

Today, IGR is considered to be the largest gold refinery and bullion manufacturer in Turkey, being based in the Turkish “Goldsmiths’ City’ Kuyumcukent and manufacturing over 2.5 tons of pure gold daily. It’s the first refinery to receive accreditation by DMCC, in 2007, and LBMA, in 2011, and a notable member of the International Precious Metals Institute starting with 2009.

IGR has a large infrastructure, including over 2000 workshops and factories, retail shops, and wholesalers. Its Foreign Trade Department called IGR Global is divided into 3 main offices, in Dubai, Frankfurt and Madrid, and serves over 235 direct destinations all over the world. The remarkable reputation of the Istanbul Gold Refinery makes their gold bars very desired on the gold bar market.

Istanbul Gold Refinery Gold Bars Design & Sizes

IGR Gold Bars are made of the purest .9999 gold, of various size options, from casted bars of 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g, to minted gold bars of 0.5 g, 1 g, 2.5 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g, 10 oz., 1 oz., 50 g and 100g weight options. IGR Gold Bars are very popular among investors and collectors due to their uniquely designed assay cards which are sold together with the bar. The assay card certifies the gold bar’s authenticity, weight, purity and individual serial number, and carries one of the following distinct designs:

  • IGR Bullion Exchanges Army Camouflage Gold Bar – issued to honor women and men in active service or veterans. The card contains the image of military dog tags, the inscription ‘Support Our Troops’ and the surrounding military camouflage (the military dog chain is not included).
  • IGR Bullion Exchanges Bull vs Bear Gold Bar – the card contains the image of the iconic up & down financial market symbols, the Bull (rising prices) and the Bear (falling prices);
  • IGR Bullion Exchanges Lunar 2016 Year of Monkey Gold Bar – the card contains the image of the Chinese Zodiac symbol for the 2016 year – the monkey. The serial number of this bar starts with the lucky number 8 according to the Chinese culture;
  • IGR Holiday Gold Bar – the card contains the image of two snowmen dressed in winter clothes, along with the “Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year” inscription;
  • IGR Merry Christmas Gold Bar – the card contains the image of the Santa Claus’s sleigh led by the eight reindeers in front of the moonlight, along with the “Merry Christmas” inscription;
  • IGR Wedding Gold Bar – the card contains an image of a gently dancing bride and groom, being a perfect gift for weddings or couples celebrating wedding anniversaries;
  • IGR Graduation Gold Bar – the card contains a depiction of a graduation cap, along with the inscription “Class of”;
  • IGR Birthday Gold Bar – the card contains a colorful image of a birthday cake, along with the inscription “Happy Birthday”;

If you have questions about Istanbul Gold Refineries impressive Gold bars, give us a call at 800.852.6884. Your questions may also be submitted online by email at [email protected] or by using our live chat feature.