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About Johnson Matthey And Engelhard

Engelhard and Johnson Matthey are two of the oldest most reputable mints in the precious metal industry. Engelhard was founded by Charles Engelhard over 100 years ago and was first specialized in precious metals melting and refining. Over the years, Engelhard also manufactured bullion of high-quality silver, gold, and platinum. The German manufacturer BASF acquired in 2006 the Engelhard Mint. On the other hand, Johnson Matthey’s history begins more than 200 years ago, when Percival Norton Johnson established his refining and assaying company in London in 1817.

Later in 1851, the company became Johnson Matthey when Percival joined its forces with the famous English stockbroker George Matthey. Right after their partnership establishment, Johnson Matthey became the official assayer and refiner of Bank of England. Today, since 2015, Johnson Matthey is owned by the newly formed company Asahi Refining. Both Engelhard and Johnson Matthey are famous for their outstanding gold and silver bars, among other silver and gold bars available on the market. Additionally, they were the first companies to created the catalytic converters which are used for managing vehicle pollution.

Johnson Matthey And Engelhard Gold Bars Design & Sizes

Engelhard Gold Bars and JM Gold Bars are made of high-quality fine gold and are available in various size options, the most popular ones being 1 oz., 5 oz. and 10 oz. weight types. Most of the JM Gold Bullion bars are not protected in a special assay card, although a few of 1 oz. do come with it. Each JM Gold Bar features the Johnson Matthey logo on its obverse side, its name, weight, purity and serial number.

The reverse side of the bar features the company’s logo in a diagonal pattern. Engelhard bars also have their unique design. The obverse side of the Engelhard Gold Bar may feature either the Engelhard logo, the “E” letter in front of a globe, or the “Eagle” logo, as well as its purity, weight, company name and the serial number of the bar.

On the reverse side of the bars is displayed the repeating diagonal pattern of the Engelhard logo. Both Engelhard and Johnson Matthey Gold Bars are IRA-eligible, which means you can choose them as a retirement option for your IRA Precious Metal Account.

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