1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Diamond JM Logo Silver Bar .999+ Fine (Wider Purity Stamp)

1 Kilo Johnson Matthey Diamond JM Logo Silver Bar .999+ Fine (Wider Purity Stamp)   Bullion Exchanges proudly provides the 1

10 oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar .999+ Fine (X8 Error Prefix, 3rd Series, 6-digit Serial Variation)

10 Oz Engelhard Cast Silver Bar .999+ Fine (X8 Error Prefix, 3rd Series, 6-Digit Serial Variation)   We’re happy to

100 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) .9999 Fine Silver Bar


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Johnson Matthey And Engelhard Silver Bars

Johnson Matthey and Engelhard are incontestable leaders among manufacturers of silver and gold bars. These companies have a solid history and an outstanding reputation for producing high quality and authentic precious metals bullion. Even though both companies are no longer producing silver bars, investors and collectors are still thrilled to buy them.

Engelhard Silver

Engelhard was founded more than 100 years ago in the United States. The company was recently acquired by the German company BASF. Engelhard was first founded in 1902 in Newark, New Jersey by Charles Engelhard, who specialized in the melting and refining platinum and gold. During the 20th century, Engelhard grew tremendously while acquiring new companies, in order to expand its industrial reach and profits.

Engelhard manufactured silver bars in 3 weight options, 1 oz, 10 oz. and 100 oz., with each having almost identical designs. Each Engelhard silver bar has its name and mintmark inscriptions on the front side, along with the weight and .999 purity mark. Even though the company doesn’t produce the silver bars now, Engelhard bars are still traded regularly on the precious metal market, keeping the company’s name as one of the most trusted brands in the silver industry. Since Engelhard has suspended its business operations, the silver bullion has become more difficult to find, but their demand is increasing as more and more retailers are running out of their Engelhard silver bar stocks.

Johnson Matthey Silver

The company’s history began over 200 years ago in London. Johnson Matthey’s production was not limited to precious metals. The company also dealt in chemicals, being one of the first to produce catalytic converters used to control vehicle pollution back in the 1970s. Johnson Matthey also received several awards for their contributions to the precious metal industry and chemical researches: the company won many Queen’s Awards for several innovative processes. Due to its impressive reputation, JM silver bars which have been produced since the 1980s are very appreciated and desired on the market. The Johnson Matthey silver bars that are sold nowadays are minted in Texas, by Gage Metals, but they still carry the Johnson Matthey genuine insignia and are struck from .999 pure silver, just as the old ones. The only particularity which makes them different is that the old 100oz. bars produced in the 1980s were struck, while the new bars are poured. Also, the newly produced bars don’t have serial numbers.  Johnson Matthey silver bullion bars are available in several sizes including 1 oz, 10oz. and 100 oz offerings, and regardless of whether they are new or old, the silver bars are still considered to be very rare collectible options. However, newer JM silver bars are more available on the precious metals market, since the majority of the older versions have been bought by individual investors in order to increase their profits.

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