2020 1/4 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Perth Mint NGC MS 70

2020 1/4 Oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Perth Mint NGC MS 70   Bullion Exchange proudly offers the 2020 1/4 oz Australian

About The Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin

Perth Mint is famous for depicting the country’s wildlife inhabitants on their remarkable gold nuggets and kangaroo coins. The Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin was inspired by the Australian Gold Nuggets coin. This coin was released for the first time in 1986 and featured on its reverse side the image of gold nuggets. However, in 1989, this design was replaced with the depiction of a more iconic symbol,  Australia’s most beloved marsupial – the kangaroo. Once the Perth Mint adopted this new kangaroo motif on the reverse side of the coin, it also launched the rotating design program. Thus, each year the design of the Kangaroo Gold Coin changes, with contributions from different artists and engravers, but always represents a kangaroo in its natural habitat. For this reason, Gold Kangaroos are one of the most popular Australian Gold Coins and gold bullion products on the market. Each Gold Kangaroo is sold in a special individual sealed plastic capsule to avoid any damages to the coin, but larger quantities are shipped from the mint in sealed rolls.

Main Sizes Of The Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coins And Gold Nuggets

Each year the Perth Mint issues a new Gold Kangaroo Coin in several weight options: starting with the most common 1 troy ounce gold coin and its smaller fractional sizes of 1/20 oz., 1/10 oz., ¼ oz. and ½ oz. Each Gold Kangaroo is made of .9999 pure gold and bears a face value listed in AUD: the 1 oz. Kangaroo Gold Coin has a face value of $100 AUD, the ½ oz. of $50 AUD, the ¼ oz. of $25 AUD, the 1/10 oz. of $10 AUD or $15AUD, and the 1/20 oz. of $5 AUD.  Australian Gold Kangaroo coins have also been minted in larger weight options of 2 oz. ($200 AUD), 10 oz. ($1,000 AUD) and 1 kilo ($3,000 USD) and in proof editions. In October 2001, the Perth Mint manufactured a one-ton gold coin with the diameter of about 80 centimeters and 12 centimeters thickness, breaking the previously established record for the biggest and most valuable coin held by Royal Canadian Mint. The 1 ton Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin price was about $53 million at that time, but the coin was issued with a face value of $1million. Perth Mint also produces exclusive 0.5 grams Kangaroo coins with a face value of $2 AUD called Mini Roo Gold Coins.

The Design Of The Perth Mint Kangaroo Gold Coin

Australian Gold Kangaroos are famous for their two-tone frosted designs which were a unique feature for gold coins available in the 1980s. Just like all other Australian Gold Coins and gold nuggets produced by the Perth Mint, Gold Kangaroos feature on their obverse side the portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, courtesy of the famous artist Ian Rank-Broadley. For the reverse side, the gold nugget design was changed in 1989 to the depiction of the Australian marsupial mammal, the kangaroo, which can be found only on the continent of Australia. Since 1989, each Gold Kangaroo coin produced by the mint depicts a different representation of this beloved animal in its natural wildlife. Even though the kangaroo is usually perceived as a singular species, in fact, there are four kangaroo species that live on the Australian continent: the eastern grey kangaroo, the western grey kangaroo, the antilopine kangaroo and the red kangaroo. The last one is the kangaroo species depicted on Gold Kangaroos. The reverse side of the coins also contains the inscriptions of the coin’s name, weight and purity marks, and the mintage year. Gold Kangaroos are also issued in special editions, but their mintage quantities are more limited.

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