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About RCM

The Royal Canadian Mint is a notorious and highly reputable government mint, well-known for its high-quality currency, bullion, and collectible products. It was founded in 1908, as a branch of the London Royal Mint. During the Great Depression in 1931, RCM gained its independence and in 1969 turned into a Crown Corporation.

In 1976, the Royal Canadian Mint opened its branch in Winnipeg. RCM Mint is famous for minting official Canadian currency coins, but it also produces bullion precious metal bars. This is why RCM is one of the few government mints that also acts as a private mint, producing rounds and bars. The mint produces blank coins for several international governments and countries, like New Zealand, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and China. Moreover, RCM coins are very desired by investors and collectors all over the world, due to their outstanding and innovative designs, RCM being the one that first released colored and squared coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint has received several awards, such as “Coin of the Year” and “Most Popular Coin”. Bullion Exchanges is very honored to present you the exclusive Silver Canadian Maple Leaf E=mc2 Privy Reverse Proof produced in collaboration with RCM. Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars are also highly appreciated among other gold bars of the same type, due to their high-quality, innovative techniques and impressive designs.

RCM Gold Bars Design & Sizes

Each RCM Gold Bar is made of .9999 fine gold. On the obverse side, is featured the Royal Canadian Mint name displayed in English and French and forming a circle, surrounded by internal and external dotted circles, as well as its weight and purity inscriptions, along with the unique serial number.

On the reverse side of the RCM Gold Bar is depicted the repeating horizontal pattern of the Royal Canadian Mint logo, the maple leaf and its stylized reflection. Every Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar is sold in a special assay card, signed by the RCM Chief Assayer, Jonathan Forrest. The assay card protects the bar’s quality and certifies its authenticity.

RCM Gold Bars are available from the most popular 1 oz. weight option up to the 1 kg and 400 troy ounce sizes. These bars have a rectangular shape, but with round edges. Each RCM bar is backed and guaranteed by the Canadian government.

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