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About The Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint is a prominent private mint located in Scottsdale’s Phoenix suburb, Arizona, being worldwide famous for its unique bullion design concepts. The mint doesn’t produce US coins, and while most of the international mints recreate historic designs, Scottsdale is one of the few that strikes treasured bullion items with one-of-a-kind representations, like the Stacker bar and coin, the Egyptian Relic Series or the monumental Biblical Silver Coin Series. The Scottsdale bullion products crafted by its artisans are state-of-the-art precious metal pieces, highly desired by collectors who appreciate uniqueness and creativity. The mint also strikes legal tender coins on behalf of reserve banks of foreign countries, such as Congo, Chad, or Fiji. The Scottsdale Mint is also known for responsible sourcing precious metals, being committed to environmental preservation by producing a significant part of its silver products using silver recycled from photography and manufacturing industries.

Scottsdale Gold Bars And Rounds Design & Sizes

The mint issues some of the most innovative and beautifully designed gold bars and rounds. The 1 kilo Scottsdale Gold Bar is a special product manufactured by the mint for its larger investors, being produced from .9999 fine solid and carrying the company’s lion logo on its obverse side. These bars are ISO 9001-2015 Qualified for IRA accounts. Another famous bullion issued by the mint are their 1, 2, 5, 10 gr. and 1 oz. Scottsdale Certi-LOCK .9999 fine Gold Bars which are co-branded with the prestigious Swiss mint, Argor-Heraeus, and feature the Scottsdale Mint logo on one obverse side and the logo of Argor-Heraeus on the reverse side, along with the weight and fineness of gold. Each bar is LBMA certified, IRA-eligible and comes in a sealed Certi-Lock assay card with a unique number of authenticity.

In 2017, the mint released the first lunar-themed gold bar, the 1 oz. Year of the Rooster Scottsdale Gold Bar, with a limited mintage of just 10,000 pieces. It features a stylized cockerel design which combines a rooster with its Chinese character and a delicate brush stroke for the tail. These Scottsdale bullion bars are sealed in a Certi-Lock assay card and have individual sets of authenticity credentials, being also LBMA certified.

The new Certi-Lock technology is an interactive bullion verification system that guarantees that the Scottsdale Mint bar is encased in a special assay card made from the tamper-evident holographic material. This assay card incorporates an embedded synthetic DNA and the encrypted barcode that can be verified by using the Certi-Lock® phone app. Clients can scan the barcode by using the app in order to get access to the pictures of their bar taken at the time when it has been sealed, giving a chance to visual match the actual bar in their hands. This feature makes these bars highly appealing as they give customers confidence that the product is authentic.

One of the most special gold bullion piece crafted by the Scottsdale Mint is their 1 oz. Tombstone Hammered Gold Round. This superb round resembles the unique hammered gold pieces crafted in the Old American West – a historic nostalgia of the infamous “Town Too Tough to Die”, the Tombstone city from Arizona. These beautiful .9999 pure gold rounds are uniquely crafted to give a one-of-a-kind touch of shape, texture, and personality.

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