1 oz Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (In Assay)

1 oz Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (In Assay) Unique serial number located on the obverse of each bar

10 oz Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (w/Assay)

10 Oz Gold Bar Valcambi Suisse .9999 Fine (W/Assay) Unique serial number located on the obverse of each bar and

About Valcambi

The Valcambi Suisse Mint has a remarkable history of refining and minting precious metals. It was founded in 1961 as the company ‘Valori & Cambi’ in the southeastern city of Switzerland, Balerna, which is very close to the Italian border. Later, in 1968, it became a part of the Credit Suisse company, and then, in 2001, it was bought by the European Gold Refineries. During the next years, Valcambi adopted several strategic changes, from changing its business model and the new partnership with Newmont and several banks up to embracing the new logo, reorganization, and product innovations.

Since 2015, Valcambi is owned by Singapore’s Global Gold Refineries Ltd. For over 50 years, Valcambi has supplied central banks, governments, and international organizations with gold bars and blank coins. It produces one of the purest and uniquely designed bars currently available for purchase on the gold bar market. Aside from manufacturing precious metal bullion from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, Valcambi also produces gold-grain watch cases and collectible ingots. This reputable mint is recognized by international institutions in the precious metal industry, like Zurich’s gold officials and LBMA.

Valcambi Gold Bars Design & Sizes

Valcambi produces its Valcambi Gold Bars of various sizes and amazing designs from .9999 pure gold. From 1 gram up to 1 kg, each Valcambi Gold Bar displays the outstanding craftsmanship of this internationally well-known mint. Valcambi Gold Bars with weights up to 100 grams have a rectangular shape with rounded edges while those of 250 grams and higher come without the rounded edges.

On the obverse side of the gold bar is depicted the ‘Valcambi Suisse’ inscription while the reverse side of the bar contains the Valcambi logo, the size and purity marks, and its unique serial number that confirms its authenticity. The engraved serial number should be the same as on the accompanied assay card, which also contains the authenticity certification of weight and gold purity. A unique bullion product of this worldwide recognized mint is their Valcambi Combibar. The Valcambi Gold Combibar is an iconic precious metal bar that consists of one of these combinations:

  • 100 X 1 gram bars;
  • 10 X 1/10 oz. bars;
  • 50 X 1 gram bars;
  • 20 X 1 gram bars;
  • 5 X 1 gram star-shaped bars;

The Valcambi Gold Combibar can be separated into several smaller bars, according to its size type, which makes it an extremely attractive and flexible investment and collectible option.

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